Underground Histories – welcome General Ludd!

I am delighted to welcome to the radical history blogosphere a fine upstanding comrade in the shape of Alan Brooke. Those of you who keep a close watch for interesting historical material with an edge on the UK mass media may have recently picked up his quietly spoken, but authoritative, words on Radio 4 (Looking for the Luddites) and on Nick Crane’s TV programme in his Town series featuring Huddersfield. I had the pleasure of meeting him in York in January this year, when he was one of the speakers at York Alternative History’s commemoration of the execution of 17 Luddites at York Castle 200 years ago. Check out his website at http://undergroundhistories.wordpress.com/
It is good to find the Luddites embracing modern technology and using it in the same way that the original Luddites used ‘Great Enoch’ in 1812.


New quote in ‘Archives in Fiction’

Having been busy doing lots of other things, I have not done much blogging of late. One of the things was reading Jim Crace’s latest book, Harvest, which is an absolute masterpiece. He calls it his last book and I would not envy him trying to follow it with another. I heard one radio contributor describe it as faultless. I have quoted a paragraph in the ‘Archives in Fiction’ section (item number 6 in the drop down menue). But I urge everyone who is at all interested in history as it relates to the ‘poorer sort’ to read it. It beats every other pseudo-Tudor offering into absolute fits.