Where will it all end?

For various reasons I have not done much blogging lately. But I have been doing a great deal of thinking, prompted by events and concerns within my own life – with which I will not attempt to entertain readers. One effect of this thinking has been to spend some time exploring different places around the internet. In the process I came across a stunning, short talk by Noam Chomsky.

It is not very cheery – then Noam Chomsky seldom provides much to cheer about. He has an incredible knack of spelling out just how one-sided is the current state of the Class War, and this talk is no exception to that rule. Although he mentions some initiatives around the world to provide a counter-balance to the present neo-liberal hegemony, the question and answer session saw several people from the floor asking in various ways ‘what is to be done?’ Essentially he replied that it was in their, our, own hands. Don’t mourn: organise. Only mass organisation will change anything.

If anyone out there thinks they have a better suggestion that would really work …???



2 thoughts on “Where will it all end?

  1. Dear Martin,

    I hope that you are Ok, since I detect a little melancholy in your post. Noam Chomsky never ceases to amaze – still a razor brain but looks increasingly frail everytime he appears in an interview. One of the reasons that I came to identify myself as an anarchist, rather than a Marxist, is that I believe that there is no prescribed route to liberation and that people have to carve their own road. Resistance has to grow organically out of struggle. It can not be imposed on a situation by a preconceived theory. The problem is, as you hint in the post, the vast concentrated military, polical and economic power confronting people. As the ‘Arab Spring’ and the various world-wide protests against austerity show, it is one thing mobilising people, but quite another establishing a viable alternative. As in Egypt, Syria, or the Ukraine, people can rise up against an established tyranny, only to impose another. Until people are truly empowered and understand the need to take control of their own lives at every level and not look to leaders or authrorities of any kind. Mass organisation alone is not enough. I think this needs some sort of ‘spiritual’ revolution within individuals, whereby they discover their humanity and understand how they are enmeshed in the ‘Megamachine’ – Mumford’s concept I find so useful for understanding society as a totality. S’pose it all boils down to the old maxim (attributed to various people), of ‘pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.’ Thos sometimes it is blooming hard finding the optimism ! Life, Liberty and Love Alan

    Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 17:23:14 +0000 To: pambye_5@hotmail.com

    • Nothing that can’t be put right with a couple of pints and a few songs! Sometimes it is good to take time out for reflection, especially when there is a lot going on round you over which you can have no control. That is always a good time to stop trying too hard.
      I think your comments are sound, though there are plenty of Marxists (and those, like myself, who claim some influence from that direction) who would probably agree with your point about resistance having to grow organically. It cannot be artificially created as the various Leninist factions seem to believe, wedded as they are to what are basically ‘managerialist’ values. There has to be what I have seen described as ‘the real movement of the people’.
      Yes, it is hard to have any optimism when that movement seems to be either quiescent or mired in confusion. And you are right that any mass organisation will arise out of some sort of shift in culture towards self-organisation. When it comes, probably out of the blue, it will be as if someone has thrown a switch that has electrified things.

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