Pause for thought

Readers will have noticed a distinct lack of posts on this site since July. It is not that there haven’t been things to blog about, just a lack of opportunity to do the thinking that is necessary to make a blog worthwhile. I have just moved house long distance and that took most of my time and energy in the run-up to the move and since. There may be some light at the end of the tunnel soon and I hope to get back into putting up new posts before too long. There will be much to reflect on.

I have been involved for almost two years in a project exploring ‘how heritage decisions are made’ and it will be good to share some of this experience with a wider audience, now that the project is coming to its final conclusions.

I have also left behind activity in York and the wider North Country in connection with ways of introducing aspects of radical history to a wider audience and will have some reflections on that experience and where I go from here in my new and very different locality.

Having moved further away from the south-west Yorkshire roots of the Bashforth family name, by some 200 miles or so, it prompts me to think about the way in which the family name moved around the country and the world and how this relates generally to the experience of working-class migration from the 18th century to the present day and the various motivations behind it. And that will also prompt me to get back to more of the exploration I have been making into the dispersal of the name during the 19th century.