Bashforth and Bashford

I have been doing further research into the origins of the variant names based on Basford. It is fairly common experience for those of us with the Bashforth name to have it misspelt ‘Bashford’ as we move around the country away from the south Yorkshire area, often despite repeatedly spelling it for the unfortunate writer! I had assumed that we had a common origin, but I am no longer so sure. The section on ‘Origins’ has therefore been updated with a note on the Bashford name. It is not yet conclusive, but the name seems to derive from a completely different location, now called Betchworth in Surrey, and this particular spelling has been clustered within a 40 mile radius. Maybe over time as the variants have spread around the country there has occurred some overlap, but Bashford seems to be in principle a completely different surname. Check out the updated page. I have more information on this as part of the ongoing research, but it is as yet too unwieldy to put on line.



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