Bashforths at Christmas

What do Bashforths get up to at Christmas? In the eighteenth century they were not above filling their local parish registers with entries!

My own direct family line hails from the parish Silkstone, to the west of Barnsley. On Christmas Eve 1733, Anne Bashforth, the daughter of John Bashforth of Hoylandswaine, married William Mitchell from Penistone. On Boxing Day 1798, Matthew and Martha Bashforth of Dodworth baptised their son Matthew.

During the same century, the Bashforth name was associated with families of filesmiths in Sheffield and they were equally busy hatching, matching and despatching around Christmas. Thomas Bashforth married Anne Levick on Boxing Day 1742. On Boxing Day 1750 John baptised his son of the same name, while on Christmas Day 1778 William and Mary baptised their son, also called William. Sadly the festive season also brought its tragedies. On Boxing Day 1771, Ann Bashforth buried her son Benjamin, while on Christmas Day 1798 John Bashforth buried his son John.

I certainly hope that any family occasions for you readers are happy ones this Christmas and that next year brings joy and prosperity despite these difficult times. Keep checking on this site for further information – and corrections! My cousin clarified some confusion about John Bashforth the Cordwainer and Innkeeper, so you will find his birth date amended. Thanks Couz!


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