Bashforths to Remember

In the approach to the commemoration of Armistice Day on 11 November, it seems appropriate to call to mind those bearing the Bashforth name who served in the First World War. I have managed to identify records of one sort or another relating to thirty-eight Bashforths in the Great War. Thirty-one were from the UK and Commonwealth. Eight of these lost their lives, including my grandfather, Thomas Bashforth. Seven more were drafted into the United States Army, though I can’t be sure if they ever left their native land. In due course I will be making a special feature on these pages of the information I have been able to discover. Meanwhile, as a preliminary act of remembrance, I list their names below, along with the UK and Commonwealth men who died during the Second World War.

Those who lost their lives were:

Arthur Bashforth, Private 3428 1/5th King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 23 July 1916

George Thorpe Bashforth, Private 1789 41st Australian Infantry, 20 February 1917

James William Bashforth, Able Seaman J/13821, HMS Paragon, 17 March 1917

John Francis Cuthbert Bashforth, 2nd Lieutenant, 9th Norfolk Regiment, 15 September 1916

Joseph Bashforth, Private 52338, 1/6th South Staffordshire Regiment, 3 October 1918

Thomas Bashforth, Sergeant 14956, 11th Durham Light Infantry, 27 March 1918

William Alfred Bashforth, Private TF/2109, 2/10th Middlesex Regiment, 10 August 1915

Willie Bashforth, Private 14457, 12th West Yorkshire Regiment, 27 March 1916

The others from the UK were:

Adolphus Bashforth, Royal Munster Fusiliers

Arthur Bashforth, Manchester Regiment, Royal Army Service Corps and The Rifle Brigade

Arthur Bashforth, Lancashire Fusiliers and The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment

Arthur Leslie Bashforth, Royal Army Medical Corps

Charles Bashforth, York & Lancaster Regiment and The Rifle Brigade

Cyril Bashforth, Royal Army Service Corps

Edwin Bashforth, Royal Engineers

Ethel Bashforth, Nurse, Voluntary Aid Detachment, Northern General Hospital, Lincs

Frederick Bashforth, York & Lancaster Regiment and Royal Army Service Corps

George Bashforth, The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment

George Ernest Bashforth, Royal Garrison Artillery

Harold Bashforth, East Lancashire Regiment and North Staffordshire Regiment

Harry Bashforth, 10th Manchester Regiment

John T J Bashforth, Sergeant, MM, York & Lancaster Regiment and Machine Gun Corps

John William Bashforth, York & Lancaster Regiment

Laurence Bashforth, Royal Engineers

Matthew Bashforth, Middlesex Regiment and Yorkshire Regiment

Matthew Bashforth, West Yorkshire Regiment and Labour Corps

Percy Bashforth, Labour Corps

Thomas Bashforth, Army Ordnance Corps

Timothy C Bashforth, Royal Engineers

William Bashforth, York & Lancaster Regiment

William Henry Bashforth, York & Lancaster Regiment

Those drafted by the US Army were:

Arthur Edward Bashforth from Santa Monica, California, hospital worker

Arthur John Bashforth from Scott Haven, Pennsylvania, coal miner

Cecil James Bashforth from Santa Monica, California, hospital worker

Edgar Colin Bashforth from Scott Haven, Pennsylvania, coal miner

Henry Harrison Bashforth from Scott Haven, Pennsylvania, coal miner

Jonathan Bashforth from Scott Haven, Pennsylvania, miner – originally from Barnsley, Yorkshire

Paul Bashforth from Irwin, Pennsylvania, mine labourer

Second World War

Alan Peyman Bashforth, Sergeant Pilot 1578122, Royal Air Force, 8 February 1944

Arthur Lionel Bashforth, Staff Sergeant 4750116, Glider Pilot Regiment, Army Air Corps, 18 September 1944

Frank Bashforth, Lance Sergeant 4743481, 67th H. A. A. Regiment, Royal Artillery, 6 September 1944


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